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"You Can't Flush This" - Prevent Sewer Backups

The majority of sewer back-ups into a home is from the improper disposal of waste into toilets and drains.

Fats, Oils , and Grease (FOG); non-dispersible materials (the term used for products that do not break down in plumbing and sewer system); diapers; wipes; feminine hygiene products; paper towels; and solid food particles. These are some of the main causes of sewer back-ups. These back-ups create serious maintenance and health issues for the homeowner and also for the public wastewater collection system. 

When fats, oil & grease are poured down the sink, these products solidify once they have cooled down in the sewer pipes and cause blockages. This build up restricts flow by itself or in combination with other materials that shouldn’t be flushed can cause raw sewerage to back up into your home and sometimes cause blockages in the main sewer system located in the street. 

Many products are labeled as “Flushable”, but the majority of these products do not break down in the same manner as toilet paper and create problems in households, collection systems, pumping stations and the wastewater treatment facility.   

Toilets, plumbing and collection systems are designed for human waste and toilet paper only. 

Sewer backup

This is a 6-inch house sewer. Over 90% of this lateral was blocked by grease accumulation. This caused a  back-up in the residence and cost $3,800.00 to repair. 


Sewer backup

 This is an 8-inch sanitary sewer main blocked solidly by grease, wipes, and rags.  The replacement of this section of sewer cost $9,500.00.